Exergen, Leading Manufacturer of Temporal Artery Thermometers, to Exhibit at MEDICAL FAIR INDIA

Learn How Exergen is Changing the Way the World Takes Temperatures at Our Booth, E49   

Watertown, Mass, March 13, 2024 – Exergen, a leading manufacturer of infrared thermometers and maker of the most accurate thermometer on the market, will showcase its Temporal Artery Thermometers at MEDICAL FAIR INDIA is the country’s premier platform for fostering connections, nurturing business relationships, and showcasing the latest innovations in healthcare. This is the 29th Edition of this event and it will be held from 13−15 March 2024 at the Bombay Exhibition Center in Goregaon (East). 

Nurses, and paediatricians love Exergen’s Temporal Artery Thermometer, TAT-2000-EC because it is accurate, very easy to use, non-invasive, and improves productivity. The Temporal Artery Thermometers (TAT), uses infrared technology to detect the heat naturally emitting from the skin surface. In addition, this method incorporates a patented arterial heat balance system to automatically account for the effects of ambient temperature on the skin. It is designed for doctors and nurses for use in hospitals and clinics.   

Attendees are invited to visit Exergen’s booth E49 for a demonstration and to learn more about our Temporal Artery Thermometers including:    

  • Exceptional accuracy: The Temporal Artery Thermometer captures the highest temperature in the temporal artery with a rapid rate of 1000 measurements per second.    
  • Patient safety and comfort: The non-invasive design ensures a gentle forehead swipe for accurate readings.  
  • Swiftness: Accurate temperature measurements are obtained within a mere 2-3 seconds.    
  • Affordability: Providing advanced technology at an economical value.    
  • Durability and ease of maintenance: Highly robust construction with easy cleaning features. Protective caps are not essential (offered if cross-contamination prevention protocols necessitate).    
  • Supported by over 100 peer-reviewed clinical studies, validating the underlying technology.    
  • Warranty: Certain professional models come with a Lifetime Warranty.   

Attendees who visit us at our booth can also learn how to join our sales team or distributor’s network. If you are not attending the event you can learn more about Exergen’s features or how to join our team at https://international.exergen.com/. 


MEDICAL FAIR INDIA is India’s no. 1 exhibition and conference for healthcare, which act as a platform where connections are made and business relationships are nurtured. There will be 350+ exhibitors from 16 countries who will showcase the best of healthcare technologies and equipment to 15,000+ attendees 

About Exergen 

Exergen Corporation, the leader in non-invasive temperature measurement technologies for industrial and medical applications, delivers non-invasive temperature meters at lower costs, with higher accuracy, less process control and higher reliability than previously possible. With its award-winning arterial thermometer, Exergen is known in both the healthcare and consumer markets. The company was founded by MIT educated and Harvard researcher Dr. Francesco Pompei, who owns more than 70 patents. Exergen Corporation is headquartered in Watertown, Massachusetts, United States.  

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