Resposable and Disposable Covers and Sheaths

Disposable Covers and Sheaths

Wraps and caps that can be used once and discarded, or reused on the same patient.


Disposable covers, meaning they can be used once and discarded, or reused on the same patient, are available for all levels of cross-contamination protection should they be preferred for certain patient populations, and are still very cost effective. These options include disposable caps and full instrument sheaths, the sheaths being mainly used for isolation patients.

Laxes free Disposable Caps. Fits all TemporalScanner thermometers using disposables.
Using the Disposable Caps:

  • Apply cap by pushing onto the sensor head with fingers.
  • Remove cap by pushing edge forward with thumb.
  • Caps may be reused on the same patient.
  • Disposable Covers and Sheaths

Tubular Sheaths
Latex Free Disposable Covers and Sheaths Box. Complete covering for optimum cross-contamination protection. Fits all temporal artery thermometers, all ear thermometers, Dermatemps, and the LXN axillary thermometer.

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