Numerous Nursing Textbooks Underscore Exergen’s Vital Role in Professional Health Care Community

The Only Thermometer Brand Used in Healthcare Available to Consumers 

Exergen has long been established as the only accurate thermometer used in a wide spectrum of healthcare settings including home use, so it’s no surprise that it has also been part of the nursing profession’s educational curriculum for 20 years. Published textbooks from 2022 back to 2005 include Exergen thermometers, and have set nurse training standards relied upon in hundreds of nursing programs nationwide.

Because these textbooks begin with the fundamentals and advance to specialty areas, virtually all nursing students are exposed to Exergen. The Exergen TemporalScanner is used as an example to teach basic and advanced concepts and skills at all care levels and for patients of all ages, from preterm infants to geriatrics. From taking vital signs to monitoring temperature in surgical settings, this early introduction enables nursing students to learn about the importance of accuracy in temperature-taking at the outset and rely upon it throughout their careers.

“Exergen’s legacy and continued inclusion in leading nursing textbooks is a simple, powerful demonstration that our temporal artery thermometer sets the standard of care at universities, hospitals, retail pharmacy clinics, and other healthcare settings,” said Marybeth Pompei, Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Scientist, Exergen Corporation, and herself a nurse. “As the TemporalScanner is the only professional thermometer brand also available for consumers to purchase at retailers, nurses are able to recommend to their family, friends, and patients that they can find the same thermometer most widely used in healthcare available at their favorite retailer.”

Exergen’s “library” of nursing textbooks will be expanded with forthcoming titles in 2023 and beyond. To learn more about Exergen’s presence in nursing textbooks and to see a listing, visit

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