Exergen enters into collaboration with ECOMED in Australia and New Zealand

Signs marketing and distribution agreement with ECOMED for full line of professional non-invasive high-tech thermometers for hospitals and healthcare institutions

Exergen Corporation, a global leader in infrared temperature measurement technologies for medical applications, announced today that it has signed a marketing and distribution contract with ECOMED to market the professional series Temporal Artery Thermometers in Australia and New Zealand.

“The healthcare infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand is highly advanced”, says Ellen Minkels, Director of Global Business Development, Exergen Corporation. “A number of well-known hospitals and healthcare institutions in Australia already deploy our Temporal Artery Thermometers. The response to our highly innovative thermometers has been very positive. We are delighted to now be able to start working with ECOMED so we can support even more doctors and nurses in not only Australia but also New Zealand with our Temporal Artery Thermometers”.

“ECOMED has offices and support facilities in both Australia (Sydney) and New Zealand (Auckland)”, says Malcolm Gillies, Managing Director of ECOMED. “ECOMED is a distributor of medical equipment and consumables. Our principal manufacturers partner with us because we understand their products, we know their customers and we are passionate about the products they make. We support our customers with a highly trained staff of product specialists, products managers and service engineers, but also with dedicated clinical educators”.

Highly accurate, non-invasive

The professional series Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometers are based on a very innovative infrared technology. They offer many advantages over more traditional methods of determining a patient’s body temperature:

  •     highly accurate temperature measurement (1000x per second)
  •     fast, safe and comfortable for the patient (a very accurate measurement takes 2-3 seconds) • non-invasive and quick and easy to use for doctors and nurses
  •     low costs, resulting in an average payback period of less than 1 year
  •     very durable because of an internally developed housing made of superplastic
  •     can be used without throw-away sensor caps to avoid unnecessary waste and costs; of course, caps are available if required
  •     due to its industrial design the professional Exergen TAT-5000S is covered by a Lifetime Warranty
  •     the housing of the thermometer is resistant to aggressive disinfectants
  •     the technology on which these thermometers are based is supported by more than 100 peer-reviewed and published clinical studies

Trusted partner

“Doctors and nurses in both hospitals and other healthcare institutions need a fast and very accurate thermometer because measuring the core body temperature is a crucial first step in the treatment of a patient”, says Dr. Frank Pompei, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Exergen Corporation. “We are very excited to be able to partner with ECOMED. With its strong focus on emergency care, patient monitoring and infant care ECOMED is very well positioned in the healthcare markets in both Australia and New Zealand”.

Virtual classroom

“Our Temporal Artery Thermometers are ideal for patients both young and old because they are non-invasive”, says Dr. Marybeth Pompei, Senior Vice President & Chief Clinical Scientist, Exergen Corporation. “That means they are very comfortable while at the same time very fast and very accurate. With our virtual classroom and other training material we will be able to support ECOMED and our customers in Australia and New Zealand with very effective service and support”, adds Dr. Marybeth Pompei.

Exergen part # 850075 Rev 1